What Can you Expect From Whites Removals?

As is so often mentioned, moving house can be a really stressful experience. A good removal company will help reduce potential stress when you move. We help customers in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas with storage & removal needs with the focus on customer service.

Whether you need full packing, removals or storage services – we can meet all your needs. Our professionals will make sure that your move is smooth, efficient and stress free. This friendly family business has been established since 1898 and since then we have gained a reputation for value and reliability. What you can expect from Whites Removals?

Pre-move Assessment
Before we start the process of moving, we assess the overall volume of goods that need to be moved. Our professional will visit your home and physically assess the items to be moved. We will consider anything that is particularly delicate or heavy, as well as any items that need to be dismantled prior to moving. A quotation will then be drawn up.

Packing & Storage
Our professionals can help you select boxes and packing materials so that everything moves as efficiently as possible. We also take the worry out of moving delicate objects, and offer professional guidance on the best packing strategies.

We also offer secure storage services as well. Our storage service isn’t just for customers who move with us. Whether you are a student, a homeowner or a business person who wants to store their belongings for a while, we can fulfil your needs. Our storage facility is carefully monitored to keep stored items safe and secure.

Our professionals communicate with customers in a clear and concise manner and are only a phone call away if you need them. So whether you need additional help or suggestions, we are equipped to handle everything from a small move to the big commercial relocation.

Excellent Reputation
We have an excellent track record in Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield areas and can provide references on request.

Choosing a Storage unit for Business items

Storage units are available in many sizes and are a good solution to keep belongings in a safe place. If you are looking for storage solutions then consider what needs to be stored and choose the best storage unit according to your requirements. Select the one that can fit within your budget and saves your money, time and effort. Here are some tips when choosing a storage unit for your business.

Determine the right size according to your inventory of items. Before making any decisions, you must be clear about the size of storage needed, and if you have doubts, make a list and measure the dimensions of all items. Then calculate the total space needed.

Selecting a cheap storage unit, may not always be the best option. The quality of the premises and service received should not be overlooked. Compare prices with other companies and then check that it is a like for like comparison, then check all the terms and conditions in the contract.

Consider the cost of a storage units location in time, fuel and hassle.

Safety and security are the main concern when selecting any storage unit, so when choosing a unit, take a look at their security including cameras, locks, protection against fire and insurance.

Pack your goods properly and label the boxes so they can be easily identified when you need to access them at a later date.

Tips for Removal and Storage Solutions for Moving House

Relocation is a tiresome job unless you have the perfect approach to packing all your belongings and transporting them to your new home.

Whenever you make plans to move house, your major concern is that all the items should be removed and packed safely to prevent damage. It’s a huge job for anyone to do on their own and it is well recommended that you use the services of specialised staff or a removal company to help you out with the task. Continue reading